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Patek Watches: Worth Every Cent

No doubt you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the simply gorgeous Patek Philippe watches by now. They are simply irresistible. The look screams elegance and class. The feel is divine. And the status it bestows on you makes it something to covet. But… the price? It’s just so expensive! And while you’re not wholeheartedly opposed to shelling out the mega bucks for the beauty, you want to make sure they are truly worth every cent you’ll pay.

S0 is a Patek Philippe watch worth your hard earned money? The answer is a resounding yes! And here’s why. The fact of the matter is that the reason behind the high price tag for these watches is their impeccable quality. Thus, it’s the skill and mastery that goes into the production of every single watch that sets this grouping above the rest. In fact, every single Patek Philippe watch bears the Geneva Seal of excellence. The Geneva Seal is a certification of excellence and is the highest standard by which a watch is judged. If that isn’t worth spending a little, or a lot depending on your financial situation, extra on, I don’t know what is.

And beyond their obvious quality, it’s been shown that luxury watches such as the Patek Philippe watch become legacies or family heirlooms. That means you are spending the big bucks on something that will be passed on and treasured in your family generation after generation and as time passes, these watches actually increase in value. You are seriously getting more than your money’s worth here folks!

If these two reasons don’t persuade you, then maybe you should step into the next bodega and buy the $20 watch that will break next week. It’s up to you.

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Dealing With Scratches On Your Patek Watch

One of the best things about patek philippe watches are their durability. They are literally the best buy out there for the money you’ll spend. They look amazing and they last forever with nary a scratch. That being said, of course, it is possible to scratch the face of a patek watch. And it does sometimes happen. Should you find yourself on the verge of a meltdown after looking at a scratched watch face, here is what you can do.

If the face has only suffered a minor scratch, the easiest solution is to dab some plain white toothpaste onto a clean cloth and rub the watch face. Rinse with a damp cloth and repeat the process until the scratch varnishes. Then use a toothpick to remove the excess polish and gunk that might have accumulated between the crystal and the bezel that secures it in place during cleaning. This should eliminate all minor scratches and surface scrapes. Finish the job off by buffing the crystal with a polishing cloth for an even better looking timepiece.

If, however, the scrape is deeper, you might need a professional opinion and it might be a good idea to take your watch to a jeweler who can assess whether the part needs replacing. This should not be too expensive a proposition and is worth it to keep your patek philippe watch in good working order for years to come.

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Patek Philippe and “The Supercomplication”

Patek Philippe watches are known for their luxurious design and are finely crafted to suit the needs of both collectors and casual wearers. Patek watches are also exemplary in terms of design achievement, holding records for craft and build.

One of the best examples of this triumphant characteristic is the watch built by Patek in 1933 for Henry Graves, Jr, a rich New York banker hoping to win a horological competition with James Ward Packer, the wealthy and esteemed automobile manufacturer. The competition was to see who could acquire the most complicated timepiece, one that contained the largest number of complications.

What is a complication, though? In watchmaking, a complication refers to any mechanical design element beyond the standard hour, minute and second hands. The Patek Philippe watch built for Mr. Graves, known as “The Supercomplication” won due to its 24 functions.  A few of the complications added to this timepiece were different functions for every single hour, a complete chart of the starry night sky specifically over NYC demonstrating the magnitude of constellations and galaxy, and a chime sequence based on the melody made by London’s Big Ben clock. Later, this Patek watch would sell at auction for $11,000,000, making it briefly the most expensive watch in the world, only to be topped by another Patek watch a few years later.

You might not need a 24 complications in your watch, but the The Supercomplication is representative of the fine craftsmanship and expertise in all Patek watches.



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Picking The Best Watch As A Gift

The special lady in your life’s birthday is coming up and you’ve already narrowed the options down to a Patek Philippe watch. Now, the hard part comes: which one to get her? You want it to be memorable. You want her to love it. You want her friends to love it (because that boosts your rep). But there are so many to choose from. To make your life a little easier, here’s a couple things to consider before investing in a Patek watch for your loved one.

The first factor to take into consideration when choosing a watch is your lady’s wardrobe. Is she a jeans and tee kind of gal? Then, you’d want a simple, classic style with a leather band. Nothing too bling-y for her. Or, is she always dressed to the nines: heels, hair done, makeup perfect, and a Gucci bag? Then you can take more liberty with choosing a glitzy, sparkly version. Does she take chances in her clothing choices or is she pretty conservative? Apply this same logic to your watch selection.

The second factor would be how many watches she owns and whether she plans on wearing this exclusively or plans on rotating your choice with others. If she plans on wearing it exclusively, you need to take more care in choosing a style that can work in any situation. But if she plans on rotating it out with others, then you can be a little wilder in your choice.

Third, what do her other watches look like? Try to stay in that range, not exact copies – but similar enough that it still reflects her taste.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll be golden!

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Get Your 10-Day Limited Edition Patek Philippe’s

Patek Philippe is THE name to know in watch fashion these days and we have 3 amazing 10-day limited edition Petek Philippe Men’s Watches for you to check out. Scoop them up fast, as your time is running out! 10 days to be exact!!

All Patek watches come with a 2 year Time Imports Warranty (followed by a 1-3 year warranty after that) to ensure you’re getting the best possible product that lasts you years.

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Fine Watches and Social Media

There has been a surge of watch companies embracing social media as a way to expand their market, especially to the younger 20-somethings who may soon become their most loyal customers. It makes sense. Although many top end brands like Patek Phillipe and Raymond Weil are well known to the older crowd, they still need to be reintroduced to the younger, tech savvy internet lovers who are now becoming more interested in things like a luxury timepiece.

So, many companies are deciding to take a stab at online marketing through Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets that are frequented by this demographic. In fact, Rolex launched their own YouTube channel recently and in just 3 short months, had over 250,000 views and 720 subscribers.  Other companies are starting to follow suit, combining traditional advertising with new advertising to appeal to a wider market.

It is an interesting time for watch companies and for those looking to buy.  Being able to follow a brand on Twitter or get updates on Facebook will give you a more in depth look at what the company is doing and how they show their appreciation for their customers.  It gives everyone an edge on learning about new models and maybe even getting in on promotions. Everyone wins in that situation.

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The Patek Philippe Museum

If you find yourself in Switzerland on a summer holiday be sure that you save some time while you’re there to see the amazing Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Open Tuesday-Friday from 2pm – 6pm and Saturday from 10am – 6pm it is sure to delight watch lovers of all ages.

You can take a guided tour past hundreds of years of watches. There is an Antiques Collection which boasts watches from as far back as the 1500s. These watches are sure to amaze and delight anyone who loves history. There are some incredibly beautiful watches in this collection.

For those faithful to the Patek Philippe watch brand, there is also a Patek Philippe Collection at the museum with watches dating back to 1839 when the . These pocket watches, wrist watches, and commemorative pieces are sure to make you giddy with delight. The different styles like art deco and complex pocket watches are entrancing to look at.

Another fantastic facet of this museum is that it explores the roots of time measurement in a visual way. It teaches the history of watchmaking and how a great brand like Patek Philippe came to be. Another plus is that it’s only a few blocks from a Patek Philippe boutique where you can purchase your very own piece of history in a modern, brilliant Patek watch.

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Patek Philippe White Watches

The going rule in fashion tends to be not to wear white, especially pants, after Labor Day. This can

limit a wardrobe significantly of course. White, for many of us, is a staple color in our wardrobes. I for one find this rule not only begging to be broken but begging to be eradicated from the fashion bylaws all together.

I especially feel this way when I see the gorgeous variations of white Patek Philippe watches for sale at Time Imports’ website. A white leather watch band just looks clean and beautiful with just about any set of clothing, but as per usual the best way to wear it is with white clothes.

A white suit and a white Patek Philippe virtually screams classy summer event and it can really make an ensemble fall in place perfectly. For the ladies, there are also some beautiful white luxury watches from the fine folks at Patek Philippe. Perfect to pair with a flowing white sun dress.

Of course if you bought a sharp looking white Patek Philippe watch with it’s glorious engineering and it’s perfect design, it would be pretty silly to put it down for the year come September. Keep it around and flout the fashion rules all on your own.

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Another High Sale for Patek Philippe

Last week we discussed the sale of a Patek Philippe watch for an extraordinarily high amount of money, more than it was expected to sell for. This week we have another tale of a high selling Patek watch!

Antiquorum is New York’s watch auction specialist. They sell rare watches and other items. In this particular auction, the Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces auction, a very impressive Patek Philippe minute repeater sold for almost one million dollars.

The watch is now a world record setter. At $902,500 it now holds the record for highest selling single dial Patek Philippe watch. It sold to an American bidder after several minutes of frenzied and intense bidding. To give some context of how impressive it is that this watch sold for just short of a million dollars, the final amount realized at the auction was only slightly over 4.5 million dollars.

While the watch sold to a United States bidder, Antiquorums president and chief executive had this to say about the auction:

“We are thrilled by the degree of competitive international bidding that we witnessed in today’s auction, with particularly passionate participation from our clients throughout Asia.”

With more watch auctions to be held throughout the summer it will be interesting to see if another Patek watch can break the current sale record.

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Patek Watch Sells for Big Money in Geneva

A Patek Philippe watch sold for almost twice it’s estimate in a Geneva auction earlier last month. The Patek Philippe World Time was bid upon by 469 people from across the world from Hong Kong and Taiwan to Russian, Germany, and the United States. At the end of the bidding the Patek watch sold for over 7,721,254 US dollars. That’s an incredible amount but not necessarily surprising.

Julien Schaerer, the managing director of Antiquorum where the watch was auctioned in Geneva said: “Today’s remarkable result for the Patek Philippe World Time with guilloche dial is clear confirmation that the market is increasingly focused on pieces of the highest quality produced by the world’s most respected and recognized brands.”

If you’re also looking for the best brand, the best watch, and the most fashionable timepiece available, Time Imports is the place to look. If you’re looking to get in on the auction action you can tune in on June 12 in New York where more rare Patek Philippe watches will be put on the block.

The auction for the Patek World Time will be in no way the last big bid on these great watches. Because of their fantastic command of quality, Patek will be highly sought after.

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